old time radio shows

Upcoming Shows

Radio Showtime airs on Sunday from 6 to 9 PM Eastern Time on WVKR, 91.3 FM. Here is a list of what you’ll hear in the upcoming weeks.



June 24

Lets Pretend


Sergeant Preston
Clue to a Killer

Abbott & Costello
Guest: Herold Perry as Gildersleeve

Al Jolson
Guest: Peggy Lee

Nick Carter, Master Detective
The Wandering Corps

Frontier Town
Land Grab

July 15

Sky King

A Message In Code

Screen Directors Playhouse

The Killers

Fibber McGee & Molly

McGee Bakes a Cake for Molly

The Fatman
Murder Plays Hide and Seek

The Whistler
Sing a Song of Murder

Space Patrol
Last Voyage of Leaping Lena